Current works

Currently I’ve been working on saxophone placed in a center of the electro-acoustical system as an element that would affect most of the aspects of this system while system would have its own effect on what’s happening with the horn.

Koma Field Kit is a great friend that allows me to blend physical and acoustical things with electronics in such a natural and comfortable way I could not imagine before. Best purchase of the last year.

Soprano saxophone allows me to make the system very compact and to use whole body of the horn as an object. Sound is sent inside the horn with a small loudspeaker and picked up with a contact microphone. Signal goes to Field Kit where it forms live eco-system with Yamaha MG102C where no-input mixing goes on. Recently I found that I can get the most interesting things that would involve saxophone as a trigger and as a recipient when I send the signal from Field Kit to mixer and from mixer to Field Kit – no-input mixing is going on in both devices and it really becomes alive when smallest changes are introduced to any part of the system.

I also use Shebos Quadrator sound generator by Boris Shershenkov which was assembled by me in a DIY workshop led by Boris. Often I run it as a DC motor trigger rather than sound source.

Thanks to my friend Dmitriy Krotevich who works in the same direction and often shoots some great ideas!

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