Audiopollination #52.2 – 03/11/17 @ Array Space, Toronto, ON

Canada and especially Toronto and Brampton were welcoming above and beyond. The nature is awesome, the people are amazing. Had a pleasure to play with beautiful musicians like my long-time friend Glen Hall, percussionist Rick Sacks (also the leader of Array Music) and accordionist Branko Dzinovic. The whole bill included all kinds of great improvisers from Toronto.

Saved live stream

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Ángel Ontalva & New Orchestrion – 02/24/17 @ Sound Museum, SPb

Ángel Ontalva, Ravil Azizov, Vladimir Luchansky, Timofey Vakhrushev

Anna Shakhno, Vladimir Luchansky, Timofey Vakhrushev, Ravil Azizov, Ángel Ontalva, Alyona Ageeva and Alexander Markvart.

Photo by Ivan Visokikh