Bisamråtta – Travels

Today my latest ambient album finally got released at my friends’ Siberian label.
It’s been a long way, releasing label changed several times but I am really happy it found a new home.

The topic of the work is “small” travels, ones you do on buses and trains to nearby cities within your country. Distance does not matter at all since the things are pretty unified.

Thoughts, talks, stations and lands passing from left to right (or from right to left) in the window – all these things represent absolutely separate part of the trip when you don’t need to hurry or do other things, where unique and special sense of time and space is around.

And I tried to share the feelings of “small travels”, near-distance trips around the country and the connection with it that surely everyone has, to pass the contemplation of forests and hills in the window of the bus going to another town.

Text in Russian is available here.